Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter to a Missing Net

Dear Brodin Net,

I miss you, please come home. I don’t know how to say it more plainly. At the very least call me and explain why you left me for a riverbank on the Yellowstone River. Ever since you left last week, I have felt alone, lost, and confused…stumbling around familiar rivers struggling to land fish. I even looked for another net at the store, but I just wasn’t ready to move on. We have had too many great memories together for you to just up and leave like this. How could you just walk away from the life we made together? Maybe if we could just take the time to talk it over we could work through our problems. Maybe you could give me another chance.

I have taken the time recently to reflect upon our long relationship. I always felt that we were a great team…you knew just how to hang on my back and were always ready for a quick dip in the water to land a fish. Think of all the fish that we landed together! I know that sometimes I was rough on you…making you work extra hard to land oversize fish. You complained the time I made you land a huge bull trout in Oregon, and you weren’t real happy about that Missouri River rainbow either. You were always up to the task though, and together we never let a big one get away.

I hope that the riverbank you have found has a great view, and lets you rest your weary frame. If you do decide to come home, I promise to give you that refinishing job that you have been asking for. If not, and you decide to make your home with another angler…I hope he treats you well, and appreciates your ability. Just remember that you can return anytime and will always have a place to call home.

- A Forsaken Angler


  1. I feel your pain - never with a net but other items. Fishing rods, assorted tackle, a pair of waders, nearly a gun once...

  2. Oh, I wish I would have said something. You make it sound so sad!!!