Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good News for Fish in the NW

I may be a bit behind others in reporting this, but good news deserves to be repeated. As reported by many sources, the Obama administration has greatly expanded the critical habitat designation for the threatened bull trout. This decision will greatly benefit not only bull trout, but all fish species by improving overall water quality. Here is a good recap by OregonLive.

Bull Trout may just be my favorite fish. Lots of reasons for this...size, aggression, historically maligned, etc. Hooking into a big bull on the fly can really create an adrenaline rush, especially when you realize just how powerful these fish are. I truly hope that these fish make a strong comeback, and that more areas to fish for them will open up. If we, in the fishing industry, work to change the image of this fish...then it will lead to even stronger conservation efforts. Sportsmen can provide essential means and motivation to help threatened species.

I'm glad that the Bush-era policy has been changed, and that the notorious Julie Mcdonald is no longer at the helm...I wonder sometimes what she is doing for work these days. Maybe she began a new career in the fast-food industry, after all her last name fits the bill. Wherever she is, we can be happy that she is no longer interfering with these types of decisions. The increase in protected habitat is about 5 times greater than before...and includes 3,056 miles of streams and 221,471 acres of lakes and reservoirs in Montana.

Hot Diggety


  1. Nice to see. Bull Trout are such cool fish, one near the top of my wish list for whenever I get to that region.

  2. Nice pics. Was glad to hear the news. Never caught a big bull but have had a few grab small cutts as I surfed them in, and did some redd counts on Rock Cr tribs a few times. What a great part of our natural heritage. MacDonald is probably working for the company that wants to farm GMO salmon.

  3. That is good news! I'm with you...not many things compare to seeing a big bully punch your fly in the face!