Monday, October 18, 2010

Good to Be Home

I returned home the other night...promptly turning my house into a disaster zone. Stuff has literally been strewn everywhere, and I have been busy trying to put things away. The trip was a great success. I caught one of the fish of my list, and I shot a bull elk, which provides me with an ample supply of meat for the winter.

I fished in western Montana for a bit, trying hard to get a pikeminnow. I have previously caught these fish in other states, and was surprised that I was having such a hard time catching one. I decided to switch tactics and move locations. I was quickly rewarded with a bite, and I landed a chunky largescale sucker. I fished that spot some more and it turned it out to be swarming with these fish. I caught and released several large fish. Watch for a more detailed post on this native fish, as I hope to be able to provide more information about them.

Next on the trip was elk hunting in Idaho. As light began to fill the sky on opening morning, I was fortunate to find myself watching a herd work along a hillside feeding. I followed and continued to watch, waiting for a opportunity for a shot at a nice bull in the group. Hours later the chance came as the bull worked uphill away from the group, and into a break in the timber. One shot from my .45/70 quickly dropped the animal and ended the hunt. As any hunter knows, this is when the real work began. I made several heavy pack trips up the steep hillside, and then along an old roadbed back to camp. By the time it was over I was completely worn-out and looking forward to a couple of days of just hanging around camp caring for the meat. I returned home on Sunday with coolers full of elk meat, bags of stinky clothes, and a bunch a great memories.

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  1. Congrats! I'd love an Elk and a Largescale... Maybe someday